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Sun Tattoos: It's all Fun and Games until Someone gets Skin Cancer

Sun tattoos are one of the latest trends to sweep the nation - we've got the sun, the scorching heat, it's the perfect time to test out tattoos without having to permanently commit to a design - sounds too good to be true am I right? Sun tattoos, in case you haven't already guessed, are essentially carefully constructed tan lines. Part of the skin is obscured using either opaque tape or sun cream and all you have to do is sit in the sunshine or pop to your local tanning booth and wait for the tan to develop, leaving a lighter patch of skin where you've applied the block.

Where the problem lies is people often forgo the sun cream in order to tan, or even burn faster, eager to see their new tattoos. This opens them up to all sort of damage to their skin - painful burns, increased risk of wrinkling, sun spots and even skin cancer. So I;d like to share my way of following the trend without paying for it later.

Method #1: Fake it! If you simply love tats, go buy a set of temporary tattoos (how very nineties of me) and give them a test run, why sport what everyone else is sporting? Be original!

Method #2: If you've got your heart set on the sun tattoos, go grab a bottle of fake tan and some opaque tape, this will give you the exact same results using instant or gradual tan (if you save the sticker and apply it over a few days).

If you're going about the traditional method, ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN. Now you can even by sun screens that actively aid the process of tanning, and, even if your tan takes a little longer to develop you will reap the benefits later on.

What's your opinion on sun tattoos, love 'em or hate 'em? Or would you just prefer to bite the bullet and get some real ink instead?
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