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Summertime Lip Care

I refuse to leave the house without a pot of lipbalm - rain or shine. It drive my boyfriend nuts, I probably put the thing on in excess of 10 times a day. I typically use Vaseline or anything vanilla flavoured such as Soft Lips, but have recently gotten into the ones that make your lips tingle that provide cooling relief due to the heat. I'm currently using Einstein's Lip Therapy with vitamins A+E, it comes in a pack of two with a lip exfoliate that in my opinion is more like a lotion with a few pearl thrown in. I much prefer Lush's exfoliating Lip Scrubs that come in three flavours: Bubblegum, Sweet Lips and Mint Julips that are great because not only do their job they smell and taste great too - you can just lick them off right after use!

Tinted balms are also great for summer as they provide a hint of colour without having to worry about full on lipstick in 35 degree heat. Particularly look out for the ones with SPF in them as the 'wetness' of some lip balms can act in simialr effect to a magnifying glass and ruin your lips if you're out in the sun. I personally can't wait for Maybelline's tinted Baby Lips lip balms to hit UK stores in early August, to view my earlier post on the release of Baby Lips just click here.
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