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Mini Homemade Bruschetta

A great as a starter of for dinner parties. It's cheap, fast and easy to make.

What you'll need:

A baguette
Tomato and herb sauce

Extras include: chopped tomatos, fresh basil...


1) Set the oven or grill to pre-heat whilst completing the preparation steps.
2) Chop the baguette into slice about 1"-1.5" thick.
3) Open your pasta sauce and use it much like a jam, spreading plentifully but evenly over your baguette slices.
4) Now it's time to add the cheese, sprikling heavily.
5) Lightly add a dash of oregano - it really does make all the difference!
6) If you're going to add any extra toppings eg. chopped tomatoes, now's your chance.
7) Place in the oven to grill for 2-3 minutes, keeping a eye on them!
8) Add any fresh ingreditents like basil and serve.

Serving suggestion: serve with salad for a light and healthy snack, or with pasta for a more substantial meal.
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