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Maybelline Baby Lips to Hit UK Shelves in Early August!

Ladies and... well, uh gentlemen? I have some super exciting news! Guess what's coming to the UK in early August - Maybelline's Baby Lips lipbalms. And let me be the first one to say, it's about time too! These little beauties have been out in the US for what seems like an eternity...and unless you're willing to fork out the somewhat pricey shipping fee you've been sorely deprived!

Maybelline guarantees we'll say goodbye to basic lipbalms and treat ourselves to  their exclusive range of Baby Lips Balms containing a break-through lip renewing formula that protects and mosturises the lips for up to 8 hours. Furthermore, they promise that after just one week of use, lips appear viably renewed and virtually reborn! And that's not all, these little babies come in 6 tantalising tastes and flavours - (from left to right) Quenched, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss, Peppermint, Cherry Me and Grape Vine - all with SPF 20.

These cute little balms are packaged more like a lipstick in these bright and bold colour-blocking tubes that are perfect for summer. You can easily slip them in your bag for the beach and not have to worry about packing your lipstick as four of the balms are tinted.

Pink Punch and Cherry Me pack the most punch in therms of pigment, Pink Punch sports the yellow and pink packaging and Cherry Me  as you've probably already guess, is a bright and popping orangey red colour and arrives in the packaging to match. Next we move on the the more muted shades - perfect for wearing to class, no? - Peach Kiss comes in the the purple and orange packaging and  provides this gorgeous nude sheen across the lips and is the only shade in the current collection that provides just a hint of shimmer. The darkest colour of the range is Grape Vine and will scare many off with it's balm appearing quite purpley or very dark pink in its hot pink and lime green packaging - but fear not as the tint provided is much more wearable and nowhere near as shocking as it appears.

For those of you who prefer a more natural lip, Quenched and Peppermint (in the blue and pink and green and purple packaging, retrospectively) make up the two un-tinted balms in the range. Quenched has a sugary candy-like smell but sadly does not have much of a noticeable taste to it whilst Peppermint is also clear and does exactly what it says on the tin (well, plastic...) smells and tastes just like refreshing peppermint.

Who's excited for the new - at least if you live across the pond! - range to be hitting ourselves in early August?

Are you lucky enough to already have your hands on these luscious balms? If so, leave a comment below telling me which one's your favourite!
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