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L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit Review/How to

A while back I coveted the ombre style. I've dyed my hair plenty of colours before - reds, browns, pinks, greens, gingers and blues - but never bleached it before so I was a little anxious as I knew what it could do to your hair. After months of debate I finally went out and purchased the L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit in shade No.3 (the darkest). At the time I currently had one of the red Live Colour XXL dyes so admittedly expected the result to be a little brassy.


The kit came with a great little brush to put the bleach on, I still use the same brush with some of my dyes today.I parted my hair at the back and marked, with hair ties, where I wanted the ombre to finish. This allowed my to concentrate the bleach on the ends and add less as I worked my way up the hair so that the overall look would appear more gradual. When I reached the hair ties I removed them and with a clean brush used the existing dye to blend then bleach into my hair. If you've never used bleach before you are totally unprepared for the smell, it absolutely stunk and made my eyes water, to the point where I had to open a window. The first half of the application was fairly slow, it was only at about the half way check I began to notice a difference. The washing out process was easy enough to do over the sink unlike traditional dyes.

After the Application:

For few of months I was happy with the result. I put other semi-permenant colours on top of the blonde (such as La RIche and Crazy Colour) and loved their brightness. But the dry, straw like feel of the ends of my hair would not go away even when I used deep conditioning products. When my roots began to show in the red I simply re-dyed the top of my hair, leaving the ombre in tact. It was not until I came to dye my whole head that I found a massive flaw, the dye did not cover it. I dyed once, then twice over the ombre using Live Colour XXL reds and the ombre still showed through. It was a pain to get rid of and I eventually went for the chop and dyed my hair a beautiful chocolate brown similar to my natural colour, to hide the damage.


+ A great product and gives you exactly what you want.
+ I loved the look it gave to my hair.
- Dries hair out - even when compensating with deep conditioner (but doesn't all bleach?).
- A pain to dye over/get rid of.

If you have any questions about any of the products used in this review don't hesitate to ask/comment below.
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