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I'm Moving in a Week!

That right, in just a little over a week I'll be packing up and moving 80 miles up the country to my new house!

I'm so excited! Today I've become totally absorbed by looking into room decor, I'm an obsessive planner at best but this was horrendous even by my standards! I must have spent over two hours just on bed spreads, a further hour comparing the pros and cons of photo frames and further three of nick knacks for my book shelf. I've quite literally scoured the internet for anything that can be delivered in the next week or so.

I even made a room plan over at Plan your Room! It's simple to use and great for rearranging the furniture - but not the best thing in the word when you've forgotten your dimensions like me! All I need to do now is get motivated for packing!

Have you got any tips for moving?

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