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How to Survive a Girls Night Out

Now, eating may be cheating but not eating will also leave you stranded in the club in the early hours with a rumbling belly and a long trek home. Top tip #1 is to eat at least a couple of hours before going out. That way the stomach is full and you’re able to party all night without the problem of a rumbling tummy. Chances are, all that dancing is going to make you hungry so Top Tip #2 is to eat as you walk in the door – have a stock of microwave meals to hand or the local takeaway on speed dial to reduce the risk of leaving on the oven. This, my friends and I have discovered, significantly reduces the risk of hangover the next morning. And you’ve probably burnt off enough calories tearing up the dance floor who cares about adding a few extra?

Tip #3 is for the girls, and I can’t stress this enough, is Vaseline, Vaseline and more Vaseline, and not just for the lips. No, Vaseline, when liberally applied to the sections of skin that normally spring up unsightly blisters 2 seconds after you’ve arrive at the club will make those 5 inch heels somewhat more bearable for the evening.

Which brings me onto Top Tip#4 - heels. If you’ve got unusually narrow, highly arched half size feet like I have – I know, I’m well and truly screwed in the shoe department for life – conventional high heels simply WILL NOT WORK. And believe me, I have tried it all, strappy stilettos, small heels tall but wide heels, short and stubby heels, gel pads, insoles… NOTHING EVER WORKS. It was then that I found the miracle called wedges. Wedges allow you to appear significantly taller whilst allowing you to feel somewhat the comfort of regular shoes meaning you’ll still be dancing long after your peers have flung their oh-so-gorgeous-but-highly-impractical heels to some dark corner of the club in favour of walking home barefoot. Plus they’re totally in right now. Better yet? Wear flats! They’re much better for your posture, your feet will hurt less and short girls are cute. They’re still cute, right guys?

Top Tip #5, pre-arrange how you’re getting home. Number one, it’s a huge time save and is a lot easier on the old ear drums than attempting to compete with the House DJ. Number two, it’s a whole lot safer to decide when sober who’s going where and when, large groups tend to discourage those with less than scrupulous motives. And no one gets left behind and are forced to fork out the cab fare all on their lonesome.

Top Tip #6 is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. Are you ready for this? Never, NEVER, let your friends dial drunk.

What are your top tips for surviving a night out with your mates?
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