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How to Make your own Terrarium for Free

Recycle your candle and coffee jars to make cute little terrariums. Terrariums seem to have become trendy a little while ago and I've seen them in home decor stores and online for an elaborate price tag for what is essentially a glorified jar of dirt. So here's how I made mine in less than 10 minutes for free.

I finally cracked about a month ago and decided that my poor cactus was looking a little worse for wear and, as I'd have to re-pot it anyway why not give a terrarium a go? After locating an old discarded glass coffee jar (Douwe Egberts, in case you were wondering) and filled it about 1.5" with pebbles from the driveway and then a further 3" with soil from the garden (if you can get your hands on compost that would be ideal!). I then made a little hole for my cactus and added a little more soil to support it. On the top I added a little moss for decor and a shell and pebble from an earlier trip to the beach but you can add whatever you wish or even leave it bare.

It's worked wonders for my cactus and it's grown no end after being stunted for so long in its little ceramic pot. I think it's something to do with the sun shining through the glass and heating the terrarium up so it's a little more like the climate they're used to. Are you going to make a terrarium? If so please post your pictures below! I'd be delighted to see what you come up with!
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