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How to Decorate Your Room At College/University

So you find yourself at that stage in life where you realise you’re leaving home, and you’ve seen your cell-like, white walled and completely bare pit of a room and you wonder how on earth you will cope staring at those same old blank walls for a year without going crazy – am  right?
                Not to fear, having been there, done that, and brought home probably one too many t-shirts from the experience, I am here to help! Likelihood is you will have an average sized room big enough to fit in a bed, bedside table, desk and wardrobe (and if you’re lucky, a small book case too). Usually though, and this really was killer, the people who built the accommodation don’t think to put in more than one set of plugs – not to say that you’re only going to have one but they are likely to be all crammed into the same place close to your desk. Which is great, you can power your computer, your TV, anything else your heart desires, provided: IT’S ON THE DESK. So Tip #1 would be to pop out and get a lengthy extension cord for all those useful things such as fairy lights and fans that we’ll come onto later.
                Tip #2 is to have a theme. I chose the Keep Calm and Carry On theme that swept the nation just before I left for University. I had everything, and I mean EVERYTHING – reversible bedspreads, one navy and one red (Tip #3: reversible bed spreads are great for changing up your room whilst still keeping to the theme),  an extra bin, tins to store things in, tea towels, posters, placemats… the list goes on!
                Tip #4 I have to mention because I just mentioned posters. These are great, cheap ways of decorating your room as many Universities have half price and cheap poster sales at the start of term. I filled my first year room with these! Which brings me onto Tip #5 use White Tac and NOT BLUE TAC as it often chips the paint off the walls and this could make you lose money from your deposit. This year however, I have opted for fewer posters (still the ones I bought in my first week I might add!) and gone for a wall sticker of a tree branch and birds to hand about my bed - Tip #6 be very careful when reading the reviews when ordering these as some are not removable and will tear all the paint off whilst others will constantly fall down.
                Tip #7 is all about lighting. Sounds kind of silly when you already have a main light, but I found it was often too harsh and bright if I’m trying to work late at night or watch a movie in my room. So I recommend getting a lamp for either the desk or bedside table (hurrah for extension leads!). If you’re a bit more creating you can also hang fairy lights around your noticeboard or on the wall using removable sticky-backed hooks like I’m planning to do.
                Tip #8, my final tip for today, is to go nuts. Go buy stickers and bathmats and rugs and weird little suction things that are supposed to hold shampoo in the shower that never actually work, snow globes, little McDonalds toy characters… it’s your home away from home and it’s YOUR space, the more cheerful things you have the happier you will feel and the more it will feel like home.

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