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Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Finishing Touch Cream Review

A few years ago when beach hair was all the rage, I purchased a sea salt spray by Vo5, now whilst it worked great and gave me the beach waves I desired it made my hair... well, crunchy. It even smelt a lot like the beach too.

But times have changed and now you can get softly tousled locks that smell amazing thanks to the Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly range. Admittedly, I've only tried the Finishing Touch Cream (RRP £4.19 but is currently on sale £2.39 for with a bunch of other Herbal Essences products at Boots) but I have every intention of testing out the rest of the range once I wade through my mountains of TRESemmé.

Reasons why I Love this Product:

1. It smells great. Supposedly it's supposed to smell like violets, I'm not exactly sure what violets smell like but this cream smells divine!

2. The results. It produced gorgeously tousled waves that hold, they aren't greasy or crunchy, they're bouncy and soft.

3. The compliments. I'm all for having maximum impact with minimal effort. I've had this in my hair, and I'm talking straight out of the shower, apply cream and allow to dry, my hair is normally a frizz bomb! But no, my friends were actually dying to know what magical new concoction I was trying because they just loved my hair!

4. It's great if you're running short on time. The directions say to use this on damp hair or dry and it definitely looks great on either!

The full range includes: shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hairspray spray gel and the styling crème. Have you tried it yet?
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