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Furnish your Room for Less

As you already know, I'm moving into my first University house at the end of this week. I think it's important to furnish and decorate your room to make it feel more like home and less like a prison cell, but one of the the major problems is that FURNISHING COST MONEY. Especially if it's your first year at university, your loan doesn't come through until the beginning of October, so until then you're pretty much up the creek without a paddle. If this sounds like you, I would advise you to prioritise, get some basic kitchen equipment, some bedding and towels and read my previous post about How to Decorate your Room at College/University.

In the second year, you'll typically be moving into your first house and, yep, have got completely different furniture and a double bed so goodbye to those single duvets from the first year and hello MORE shopping. This year I wanted a completely different theme so it didn't work out too badly but it still meant hours of trawling the net for affordable bedding. In the end I managed to pick up two different monochrome double duvet sets and fitted sheets for about £22 and even managed to bag a sheet of Mum, no doubt your parents will always have to one spare. I also managed to pick up a feather duvet for the absolute bargain price of a fiver at the local boot sale, just make sure you air it out on the line first!

As I already have all of the kitchen and bathroom supplies I'll need from first year, I began my search for decorations, anything to make my room less white and bland. After shopping round IKEA, Argos, Asda... I turned to the boot sale, I picked up two floral pattern feather throw pillows (50p a piece) and a scarf hanger to maximise the space in my small wardrobe (£1) at the local boot sale, I also discovered a cute little decorative box that has the phrase 'Wonderful Things' written on top for £1 also that I'm going to sit in between textbooks on my book case.

The following day I trekked into town and began looking at my local home decor shops, a tenner for a plastic jewellery box large enough to hold about three rings? No than you. As per, I turned to the charity shops and bagged a large wooden jewellery box (painted cream) for £4 - something I really wished I'd thought of first year, everything got so  tangled! - and an old-style, navy blue, five-bottled wine rack for just £1.

Total spend: £13

Total number of items: 7: a feather duvet, two feather throw pillows with floral covers, my box of wonderful things, a painted wooden jewellery box and a wine rack.

All in all, not a bad spend considering you'd be lucky to get just one of those items for the price of the overall spend. Happy shopping.

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