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Secondhand Jewellery

Afternoon all,

Today has just been one of those days. This morning we did a spot of carbooting, well I say this morning, I really mean at that ungoodly 6am-on-a-Sunday hour until gone 1pm. On three hours sleep and many cups of tea. Anyway, here's some of what I bought, taken on my old lady camera due to all of my batteries and handheld video cam running away and hiding from me (I don't blame them, I'm in a terrible mood, they'll come back later).

I picked up the ring on the left first - 6am start did have its perks - for the humongous charge of £1 and then the owl necklace - that were all the rage some three years back but I never had one so it's fine - on the right at about 1pm just before we left for the sum of 50p. Total spend on the above: £1.50. Whadoyathink? I also picked up a fake plug for 50p but it's currently in the jewellery hospital waiting to be seen by Mr Glue Gun.

I have plenty more picks from the 'boots finest - would you be interested in reading more secondhand hauls?
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